Do you use quantitative or fundamental analysis?
We use both. We do not blindly rely on either form of data analysis. In addition, we strive to analyze data and information that is not already priced into the market, such as demographic and consumer trends.
What stocks do you cover and are they ranked?
Our starting stock universe includes all publicly traded stocks, derivatives, futures, ADRs, ETFs, etc. We reduce the universe using various proprietary methods. Our ranking is simply Buy, Hold, or Sell. Any additional ranking would be done through commentary and not labeled as such.
Who are your Members?
We feel that anyone who is trading in the stock, bond, futures, or currency markets are at a huge disadvantage if they are not looking at our research. Our research is free of investment banking, consulting, and research-for-hire conflicts.
What is the time horizon of Buy/Sell Upgrades/Downgrades recommendations?
We require a potential upside of at least 25% within 6 months. We also require a long term potential return of 3 to 5 times the initial investment within 3 to 5 years. When a security falls out of these parameters, the recommendation is changed to a hold.
When are reports and newsletters released?
Daily and weekly newsletters and reports will be available before 6:00 am EST. All other publications will be released in a timely manner. Subscribers will always receive Buy/Sell Upgrades/Downgrades before the general public.
How much do your services cost?
Our full subscription service costs $399 per quarter for a single office or individual. This is a great value for the amount of synthesized information, quantitative analysis, and hard work that has gone into our reports and newsletter. We believe that our subscribers possess a distinct advantage over other traders. The price for institutional services will be determined by the services requested.
What is included in your subscription?
Our research subscription service includes the daily TCC Member Newsletter and Watchlist, Top Stocks, Bottom Stocks, Squeeze Targets, and our Buy/Sell Recommendations.
What format are the reports in?
Reports and newsletter are in PDF, Excel, or web based format.
How do I get your Newsletter, Reports, and Recommendations?
Simply go to the Subscribe page and pay using PayPal. You will be emailed a Link to set up a User ID and Password. If you have any trouble subscribing, please contact us at
Do you currently manage money?
Please send an email with your contact information for more details regarding money management.
Are you a licensed financial adviser?
 No. We are an independent research firm. We are not a Broker Dealer. Our services are for informational purposes only. You should consult a licensed financial adviser to determine whether or not any investment discussed by Two Comma Club or any representative of Two Comma Club fits your personal financial situation and goals.
Is my personal and professional information secure?
We never share your information with anyone. We don’t disclose the identity of any clients. Any correspondence, whether written or verbal, will be held strictly confidential.
How often do you release Upgrade and Downgrade Opinions?
There is not a specific schedule. Frequency will depend on market timing. We typically have one to three Upgrade/Downgrade opinions per week. In addition, members receive three reports per week and a daily watch list that includes stocks and options. Averages 50-70 opinions per year. We generally have around 8-12 open opinions at any given time.