Two Comma Club? The Two Comma Club refers to making an income of $1,000,000 per year or more. In my opinion this is the minimum income for a successful trader.

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$100,000,000? The reason you see $100MM on our website, logo, etc. is because this should be the liquid net worth goal for a successful trader.

Two Comma Club is a blog focused on day trading stocks and options. Through, TCC provides the absolute best market information through analysis and opinion. Our research is free of investment banking, consulting, and research-for-hire conflicts.


Services Included in Our Membership:

Daily TCC Member Newsletter and Watchlist- Our flagship daily newsletter on global capital market conditions, technical and quantitative analysis, and a watch list of individual securities.  Distributed to our subscribers by 6:00 am EST (11:00 GMT) each business day. You can receive mid day updates and alerts via text or IM if you choose. 

Squeeze Targets- Stocks with the potential to make a significant gain due to possible short squeeze conditions. Published two times per month with daily updates in the newsletter. Provides an extensive short interest list and is ranked on various criteria.

Buy/Sell Upgrades/Downgrades- Longer term analysis of stocks based on in depth research. 90 days up to 6 months.


Bryan Wilkerson? My name is Bryan Wilkerson. I first started the TCC website to be a blog where I occasionally posted market commentary and macroeconomic analysis and opinion. I founded Wilkerson Investment Funds, LP in 2016. While focusing on stock and option trading research, I decided to open the Two Comma Club up to new members. 


My background My first trade was buying John Deere when I was still in high school. I now have over 20 years of analysis and trading experience. I have an extensive background in mathematics and statistics and makes use of quantitative statistical modeling to identify potential trades. I have a degree in Finance and attended graduate school in Economics.

Bryan on Wall Street NYC

Bryan on Wall Street NYC


Personal Info: I pursue many interests such as Thoroughbred horse breeding and racing, ranching, deep sea fishing, and following the Dallas Cowboys. I am married with two daughters and a son. I pride myself on my work ethic. I enjoy traveling and spending time on my ranch with my family. My ultimate goal for my life is to pass a legacy of success on to my children.


TCC personality: Anyone can take a job, contribute to your 401k for fifty years and retire with a million dollars at 75. If I had to resign myself that that fate, I would go jump off a bridge right now. If you are a risk adverse person that likes the idea of retiring and living off your savings, this website is definitely not for you. But if you are the type of person that is willing to lay your entire net worth on the line for a business idea that you believe in, you are in the right place!

I am very transparent on the website. You will see my success and failures. I feel that the information on the TCC website is of great value for any trader, regardless of account size.


Connect: I will always be open to interacting with anyone that would like to discuss trading, business, or the pursuit of success. You can email me or connect with me on Linkedin.