HAIN CELESTIAL is under SEC investigation and will be delisted!

  THE HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP, INC. is under SEC investigation. The company has been served notice from the NASDAQ that it will be delisted....

Closed out SAGE – Up 45.5%

SAGE Therapeutics Inc hit my target of $59. Our opening opinion price was 40.55. This is a gain of 45.5%.      

The Big Short’s Michael Burry buys COTY

Michael Burry of Scion Asset Management recently disclosed that his firm has purchased 550,000 shares of COTY. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1649339/000114036116086026/0001140361-16-086026-index.htm This appears to be a great...

The most hated rally of all time.

The most hated rally of all time: The Dow futures were down over 700 while the market was closed on Tuesday night / Wednesday...

Closing Out GOGO +56.5%

Closed out GOGO +56.5%. It may have a bit of upside to go, but we are taking the gain on this one.  

Closed out LCI

Closed out opinion on LCI yesterday. LCI +97.5%  

Closing out TBPH Up 56%

Closed out TBPH Up 56%. I'm sure it has room left to go, but we aren't trying to pick the top on this one.

Closed out MZOR Up 78%

Closed out MZOR. 78% above our entry price at the time the opinion was opened.  

Closed out on CELG ABT and MRVL

Tired of being pissed off at these three stocks. Out at a profit on all three, but definitely not what we were planning. CELG...